• Jack Markell signing Employment First legislation with Debra Heffernan
    Debra was prime sponsor of the Employment First Act, which promotes employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Governor Jack Markell signed the bill in July 2012 in front of an enthusiastic audience.
  • Debra Heffernan at the ribbon cutting of the Food Lion Supermarket at Merchant's Square,
    Economic Development
    Debra cutting the ribbon to open the new Food Lion, which is helping to revitalize the neglected shopping area at Merchant's Square.
  • Debra Heffernan introducing her bill which makes Home Invasion a felony and imposes stiff penalties on criminals who target seniors.
    Public Safety
    Thanks to a bill introduced by Debra, Delaware law now classifies home invasion as a felony and imposes stiffer penalties on perpetrators. Pictured during a discussion of the law are (from left) Sen. Harris McDowell, Rep. Dennis E. Williams, Debra and Attorney General Beau Biden.
  • Growlers !
    When a constituent wanted to grow his business by selling Craft Beer in Growlers like neighboring states, Debra helped him get the law changed.
  • Supporting First Responders
    Governor Jack Markell at Bellefonte's Brandywine Fire Company signing Debra's bill into law that protects the jobs of volunteer first responders who miss work during a State of Emergency or who are injured while responding.
  • Governor Markell signing into law HB256, Debra's bill strengthening protections of our children from on-line predators.
    Keeping Children Safe Online
    Debra was prime sponsor of the bill that strengthened laws protecting children from online predators and increasing penalties for offenders.
  • Governor Markell at Mt Pleasant High School signing Debra's Bill, HB 184, into law that allows for students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to have until age 21 to complete driver's ed and get a license.
    Helping our Kids
    Governor Markell at signing Debra's bill at Mt Pleasant High School allowing students with an IEP extra time to earn a driver;s license which will foster independence and help them with employment by removing the barrier of transportation to their job.
  • Protecting Public Health
    Debra's bill adding e-cigarettes to the Clean Indoor Air Act is signed by Governor Markell
  • Constiutent Responsiveness
    Debra speaks regularly with residents of the 6th district and is always available for gatherings such as this lunch at Sellers Senior Center.

Since being elected to the Delaware state House of Representives in 2010, Debra has been working hard. She has sponsored key legislation on public safety, the environment, education, women's rights, and in support of citizens with disabilities.