Delaware House of Representatives, 6th District

Debra Heffernan on the economy

Strong schools and a healthy environment are good business

The recently revitalized Wilmington water front has become an important source of revenue for the City.

Debra’s areas of expertise – education and the environment – are two areas that will be key to growing Delaware’s economy in the years ahead.

Companies need an educated workforce, and businesses deciding whether to start or relocate here want the best schools possible for their employees’ children. As a longtime school volunteer and five-year school board member, Debra has enhanced educational opportunities for children in the 6th District.

Cleaning up environmentally challenged sites and turning them into thriving business centers, residential areas, and green spaces makes the state more attractive to expanding companies. A recent study by the University of Delaware shows that every dollar spent by the state’s Brownfields program returns nearly $17.50 on the initial investment. For the past five years, Debra has served on the state’s Brownfields Advisory Committee, helping convert old industrial sites, which are not only eyesores but financial drains on the taxpayers, into engines of economic growth.

Debra believes the blighted Merchant’s Square property represents an opportunity for revitalization in the 6th District, just like the Riverfront did for the city of Wilmington. She will work to turn it into a productive space that can provide business opportunities and jobs for the district.